Our Field Courses

Field Trainer Internship

The Field trainer Internship prepares students to be permaculture trainers for sustainability aid work in impoverished communities and disaster zones. Their aim will be to provide food security and sustainable development assistance in the field. Field trainers learn all aspects of project design and implementation in difficult situations. Students develop the skills to train people of different cultures to rebuild their communities, attain all year food security, and restore local economies using proven strategies and techniques. Students practice in the field, the skills needed to bring self-reliance to people in difficult circumstances, using whatever resources are available locally. During this course, students must complete many small-scale projects needed in a poor community, or disaster area. Constructing safe wells, building community infrastructure, waste management, food security, converting farms to organic production, building nurseries and community forestry are just some of the activities these field trainers will be skilled in at the completion of this course. Many of these projects will be conducted in real communities, solving real problems. Trainees leave the courses with field experience. For those people serious about a career in overseas development work, this course in a must.

Course duration: 10 weeks

Location: THK field Academy, Ubud, Bali

Trainers: Steve Cran and Chakra Widia

Cost: $3, 500 aud

Contact: greenwarriorsteve@gmail.com

2 Responses to “Our Field Courses”
  1. I would like to be more involved in green warrior activities in Africa and beyond.

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