Ethiopia, not Utopia!

primitive hand made tools rule!

Our Field Courses

Field Trainer Internship The Field trainer Internship prepares students to be permaculture trainers for sustainability aid work in impoverished communities and disaster zones. Their aim will be to provide food security and sustainable development assistance in the field. Field trainers learn all aspects of project design and implementation in difficult situations. Students develop the skills … Continue reading


So you want to be an aid worker, huh?

Frontline aid work is hard work and takes a special type of person to deliver effective aid, let alone survive in the field. After a disaster, a war, a famine or drought, villages and communities are harsh places to live. Food and clean water are scarce as well as sometimes there are serious security issues.

What is a Green Warrior?

A Permaculture Green Warrior’s role includes the following activities To consult, design and construct ecologically and economically sustainable systems in all areas of human activity. To assist individuals, farms, communities, companies, organizations and nations to modify their activities to be constructive rather than destructive to the environment. To design and implement food production systems maximizing … Continue reading